Happy Birthday Tupac: 16 Reasons I LOVE Tupac!

June 16th marks a very important day in history… the day that the legend Tupac Amaru Shakur was born. Sadly he isn’t with us anymore in person but he still is remembered and loved each and every day by people all over the world. In honor of his 42nd birthday I wanted to share with you all the 16 reasons why I LOVE HIM!

1. No words needed for this..I love this dress so much.

2. He knew how to rock a nose ring and no one questiond it….ever! Love that smile!

3. “He was a warrior to the end.” ugh my heart hurts.

4. He was HILARIOUS!! hahah *adult content

5. He was honest and spoke his mind…always! “It’s never a beef, it’s only a difference in opinion” *Adult content

6. He was a lover and always seemed to be smiling.

7. Two words: THUG LIFE

8. His quotes were so inspiring: “I feel like role models today are not meant to be put on a pedestal. But more like angels with broken wings”

9. He was VERY smart, he LOVED education and reading

10. He loved his momma

11. He respected women

12. He loved art and was a poet not just a performer.

13. He has holograms made for him at COACHELLA…so nuts!

14. This video

15. I don’t care what anyone says he made it cool to wear a bandana

16. He will be remembered forever and even though he isn’t here in person he continues to change the world and people’s lives everyday. RIP and HAPPPY BIRTHDAY PAC, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE AND CONTINUE TO DO<33

After seeing this, what are your thoughts on Tupac, were you ever a fan?