Happy Birthday Robyn: Let’s Be Best Friends

Dear Robyn

You don’t know me and you will probably never read this, but that’s okay; It is the way life goes. The internet is basically where I type all my feelings away into a vast sea of nothingness so that two people can read my ramblings and maybe post cat gif responses. Since we don’t know each other, you probably don’t understand that this is my reaction to living:

Everything is just: NO

It’s not that I enjoy being grumpy, it just happens. That being said, I can never be grumpy when I listen to your music. Also, sometimes you do things like this and it makes me think that people are still awesome:

You also say some really neat things that make me think that I have been living wrong:

Your music kind of lifts me up, like your platform shoes:

Your robot beats help me protect myself instead of wreck myself:

I mean, we all like feeling like we are are part robot. If I was part robot, I’d probably be a lot better at dance parties. Kind of like how you are:

And maybe I’d be able to give high 5s like how you give them:

And if I were part robot, there would be a song about us and that’s awesome:

One of these days, we should call each other and talk about food or something:

Cuz everyone likes food. Or Jambas:

And that Jamba is probably as delicious as your music. Thanks for being the sonic teddy bear that is always ready to cuddle my sads with bad ass beats when I need a teddy party:

Stay awesome, Robyn! Have a happy birthday!

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