Happy Birthday Beloved Marilyn Monroe [1926-Forever]

June 1, 1926 – Norma Jeane Mortenson (soon after changed in Baker) was born in the Los Angeles County Hospital. This little girl spent her childhood in different families because her mother was mentally unstable and financially unable to care of her.

Norma Jeane always dreamed to become an actress, to play a role in movies, to be famous, she loved playing to be an actress when she was young.

Behind her amazing smile always hid a loneliness and a sadness to never known her father, to never has been loved how she should had.

She loved the love and just wanted to be loved. Norma Jeane became Marilyn Monroe maybe with another name she could have finally found the true love but it wasn’t in this way.

She expressed the wish to become a mother one day when she went in hospital for an appendicitis, praying the doctor to don’t remover her ovaries.

A life still to be lived and on August 5, 1962 she has been found dead in her Brentwood’s house in Los Angeles, the most desired woman, the one who went bed with only few Chanel n°5 fragrance drops, passed away but not forever, in some way she’s still living in all of us and also after 50 years of her passing, she’s loved probably more than ever and probably this is what she really wanted: be reminded!

For me Marilyn Monroe isn’t a model but a way to be. I can’t find the right words when I have to talk about her: she’s been the very first celebrity I started to admire for who she was and not for what people showed about her. She reminds me a lot my grandmother, both were born in the same year, both blond woman and of a beauty that you can’t find nowadays.

Marilyn is my inspiration since forever and if I could come back in time, I would like to meet her because I think we have a lot in common and a lot of women can reflect in her.

Marilyn made me love who I am in this way, you always can be perfect. For me she was perfect!

What I loved the most about Marilyn was her way to put on the line, her smile, her simplicity in her way to be diva to the eyes of the others, she was so natural and anything she wore enchanted her figure. She was never vulgar and she was an amazing worker!

I simply love her!

Happy birthday Marilyn!

Check out this gallery with part of my favorite Marilyn photos and her most famous quotes, her way to speak always inspires me!

This is an old video of mine made last year for the 50th anniversary of her death, I hope you like it!