Happy Birthday Angelina Jolie: The Courage Of A Woman

Today is 38th Angelina Jolie’s birthday and I thought to dedicate her a gallery for celebrating.

I have to say that I’ve never been a fan of her, apart for her movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider since I always loved this heroine and she was perfect for this role, but in the last few years I started to look at her in another way. I mean, I always thought she was a good actress, an amazing mom and a great woman with a big heart always ready to help who’s unluck but recently I discovered an awesome woman and I’m glad to say it without fear. I think she’s perfect in “Changeling” and “Girl Interruped”, in those two roles she gave her best in my opinion.

Beside the fact to be a beautiful woman and probably envied by the most part of the women worldwide for having a fiancè like Brad Pitt (it’s not my case since I’ve never been a Brad’s lover, sorry), in the last weeks she has been under the spotlight because she revelead to have done a mastectomy for removing her breasts since she had the 87% of possibilities to get a cancer just like happened to her mother, passed away at 56 and two days ago to her aunt. Immediately the media divided and a part thought it was a wise act but the other part wasn’t agree.

Personally I think she did a great move, I mean you can’t stab at someone without knowing her reason. She thought to her life, to her health and especially to her children, she’s a mother and she can’t permit to underestimate this fact. I think she has been a great example for a lot of women, for the prevention and the fight against breast cancer.

I admire her a lot for that! Yesterday she appeared with a huge smile on her face at the new Brad’s movie premiere and she said to be fine and I can’t say nothing just: “Take care Angelina, you are amazing! Happy birthday!”

What do you think about Angelina’s act?

Which is your favorite movie of her?