Happy 4th Buzziversary To Me In A GIFs Review

Yeah, Bradley you can say it loud! Four (awesome) years already passed from the first time I signed here in this amazing place.

I know, I know it seems just yesterday when I started to surfing on Buzznet and I have to thank my two Queens Audrey Kitching and Hanna Beth if I’m here!

I started to follow them in 2007, in that period I was starting to change my style and then also thanks to Tokio Hotel and Bill in particular, I found myself, the real me. Audrey and Hanna helped me a lot too. I felt so inspired from their amazing style and the most part of my fashion projects in high school were dedicated to them. In that period I saved in my pc tons of photos about them for keep me inspired and the most part of the photos came from BUZZNET, but I didn’t know really well what it was…

… so I spent 2 years before finally have the courage (ok, maybe it’s too much using this word haha) to sign here because my main aim was to talk with Audrey and Hanna, saying them how important they have been in all this time and try to keep in contact with them, well in just few months both of them replied me and I was freaking happy about that.

I discovered two amazing persons, even though I already knew they were, sooo kind, adorable and always ready to reply to their followers and fans, giving us advices and a good word if we were a bit lonely.

I had the honor to send few stuff to Hanna too for her birthdays and a portrait with Ivey she fixed on her bedroom’s wall and this made me feel important in some way.

So, everything started like a game and for just have an occasion to stay in contact with Audrey and Hanna but then I thought to start to write several posts, blogging about my favorite music, actors, style ect…

People started to follow me, started to be interested about what I posted and I started to keep in contact with them.

Definitely I found a family here and really true friends.

You guys made me feel important, loved and especially you have been always true with me, and this is not easy to find nowadays.

A special thanks goes to: Rich, the man of Buzznet, he’s funny, helpful and such a great person. If I have a problem, he’s always here ready for help me and I can’t remember when he sent me that amazing Britney’s poster. Every time I look it I think of you, man!

Kat, she’s the sister I’ve never had. She’s probably one of the first persons I linked a lot here and she helped me a lot in different moments and I’m lucky to have her in my life because she’s one of the best persons I’ve ever known in my whole life. She’s so true, fresh, cute, kind, beautiful inside and outside, she’s strong and with a huge heart.

Julia, you’re incredible! When we started to talk, we immediately reflected in each others. We have a lot of things in common and you are another adorable person I have in my heart. You are so funny and you always make me laugh, I love talking with you and sharing opinions and ideas.

Amber, you entered in my life in an unexpected moment, I’ve never thought to be so inspiring for someone who I’ve never known before. When you wrote me those sweet words I thought you couldn’t be real, because you said me tons of cute things and you really made me feel important as probably no one never been before. Your support is really important for me and I can’t say nothing, just:

A special thanks also to Lory (thanks for our amazing talks, you are such a great person), Patty (my adorable girl), Yong Yi (my Oriental princess), Nefertara (my Egyptian Goddess), Ben (you are one of the most adorable person in this world, thanks for your support), Martina (you are stunning babe and I hope to meet you soon) JJ (you simply rock, you are such a cool woman, I LOVE YOU), Haleigh (you can’t imagine how much I love you, thanks for everything, for all the suggestion, for to be so kind with me also on Twitter, you are AWESOME) and all the people I talked in those last four years, I’m so sorry if I forgot someone, you are all in my heart.



And now let’s get the party started…