Going To Warped Tour? Need Some Advice?

Hey pals!

So I know a lot of you are VERY excited for Warped Tour this summer and some of that excitement might stem from nerves/the unknown. I can remember my first Warped back in 2002 and having butterflies the day before. What was it going to look like? How do I find my way around? Where can I find information on the bands? All the same sort of “first day of school” nerves were coursing through my body.

A few of my Warped Tour ticket stubs, I have even more.

Well I would like to help any of you with anything you want to know/need advice on before you head out into the sun. I have been to Warped Tour as a fan, press and just to go hang out and support friends on the tour. I am happy to give any advice/answer any questions you might have as you head towards what will be one of your “best days ever.”

Also, if you plan on heading to San Diego, Pomona and Ventura please come by and find me at the Buzznet tent.. I would LOVE to meet as many of you guys as possible and show off some cool new Buzznet features.

Anyway, leave your questions here, tweet me — whatever; I am here to help you out. Because let’s face it, #musicrules.

See ya in the pit!