Gabbie Browns Warped Tour Experience

Hey pals! I have survived another year of Warped Tour Vegas. I always say you haven’t experienced Warped until you’ve done the Vegas date. 117 degrees make any roadie, volunteer, fan a true trooper.

I normally am out interviewing and shooting but at this stop I was told I should volunteer and I LOVE non profits so I picked the Canvas Foundation to write a blog for you about volunteering. My day started at 9:30 with some Starbucks and helping get the tent ready.

If you guys don’t know about the Canvas Foundation all I have to say is PAINT. You can come paint your body, your friends or the canvas hanging in the tent for a donation. They have a deal going on where if you donate 5 bucks you get a cool wristband and can come in and out of the tent all day and get as much paint as you need. PLUS you can hang in the shade (BONUS). All the money collected goes to schools who have lost funding for art programs. They also have cool tank tops, so stop buy if you’re looking to buy some merch.

I’ve always wanted to go on the full Warped Tour whether that be shooting photos all summer long, merching or working with a non profit. Volunteering really gives you that knowledge of what a day in the life would be like. Most of the roadies wake up at 7 to find their stuff to set up and break down around 6:30. I had an awesome crew consisting of Ally, Ashley and Tim (Go find them they’ll squirt you with water guns). I HIGHLY recommend volunteering with them. If you want a free ticket to warped and experience email Ally,

I took a little mini break to go catch up with one of my close friends Richie. He’s TMing for Five Knives. A really cool band that just signed with RedBull Records. Might be one of my new favorite bands of Warped Tour. It’s like the electronic, metal, screamo verison of the Ting Tings but BETTER! Go check them out and say hi to Richie for me.

The only bands I got to catch were BVB, Reel Big Fish and Bless The Fall. All Top KNOTCH. It’s Cool how a lot of bands are appealing to the older crowd/ parents. You can take your parents to Warped for FREE this summer. Most of them covered some sorts of 80’s band and I was obvi in heaven. BVB reminds me a lot of White Snake or Motley Crew. I was kind of taken back by them.

I ran into two of my readers during BVB and I got to pick their brains a little. My favorite part about Warped is getting to meet some of my readers. It’s nice seeing that people actually consider me a BUZZMAKER. I’m just a little music blogger and that people want to take a picture and hang out is still new to me. Hannah, one of the girls asked if I was doing interviews for BUZZNET this year for Warped and I’m unfortanley not. Just shooting the show. I know I miss doing interviews on here too. But you can always see who I’m interviewing on Stage Right Secrets. I hope you guys are still enjoyg this blog. Let me know what you want to me to cover on Warped or other things. Hannah gave me some good ideas that I might need to borrow.

It’s not a Vegas Warped stop for me without a GIANT SNOWCONE (Cotton Candy)

My next stop is Indy and I’ll be running around shooting pictures or you can probably find me at the Follow Threads booth! Yes, my friends clothing company joins the tour and I can’t wait. So many cute and trendy clothes. Go follow them on Twitter (@FellowThreads) to see what stops they’ll be at.

It’s been real! Let’s stay connected this summer I’m @Gabbiebrown on Twitter and Instagram 🙂