Forbidden Thoughts: Pressure

How many times someone told you that you can’t be yourself, that you have to change? What did you feel, when you heard that you shouldn’t do what you love, just you have to do what will give you better future?

Pressure is one of the hardest phenomenon today’s world. And it touches everyone. From conception to death; from a little kid to grandparents. We can’t live safety, just follow “a rat race”.

I’m just 23 but I know a lot about life. I thank that a few years ago the most important was family. Many people wanted to have an awesome partner and wonderful and healthy kids. They didn’t need anything more than happiness, love and healthy, but now…. I can’t believe what happened with this planet. The people care just about job and money what drive me to crazy. This is so sick. Who really cares about it?

I believe that childhood is the most important time in life. During this moment we learning a lot stuffs and we discovering what is good and bad. Parents are teachers and they help so many times but not always is like in heaven.

When we are a kids, we don’t understand why mom and dad have to be in work all the day. We have to go to kindergarten and play with kids in some games. Time with family is the best. When we growing, we starting to understand what happening in this world.

Pressure for a little kid is something horrible. Yeah, parents want to say how talented is their kid and how many “extra lessons” he/she has every day. But where is free time to relax?

I think that the best way to success is learning and relax. Without relax body is too tired to do more things. Can you imagine suffer kids? Parents don’t want to understand that life isn’t about being like the best and shine on the sky!!!

What do you think about plastic surgeries for children? I read about child beauty pageant in USA and I’m in shock!!! Kids are like a “product” to sell. This is so horrible that girls and boys are on diets and they can’t do what they love just be plastic dolls in the media hands.

Kids should to have fun childhood. I can’t imagine how feel these girls from beauty contests. I think that a little girls shouldn’t use too more cosmetics. This is the time when true beauty is treasure but cosmetics destroying their beauty and skin. And in future these girls will think just about body and image. It’s very harmful. But the worse are plastic surgeries, botox, diets and giving too many sugar that a kid was happy. Unfortunately, parents don’t think about affected on life, acceptation and more valuable things in life. And these girls are easy victim for pedophiles. Really kids can’t show sexuality. World forgot about it.

I mentioned about “a rat race”. The best example of it is a school. Young people want to be like the best, you know everything is about being a leader. In every class is a many groups from popular to unwanted and bullying kids. Often teachers don’t care about it. They don’t want to lose a free time and have a lot of problems. Better is don’t see what happening around us. You know it???

A lot of the kids want to have an amazing grades. Education is needed but they don’t think about health. Teens spend many time with books and they don’t think about relax. When they are too tired their grades are worse and worse. And the next step are drugs, self-harm, suicide thoughts, eating disorders and alcohol. They think that it will help but the true is another.

Are you in love? Do you want to be with someone? Do you think about kids? For a part of the people it’s crazy theme. I read about teenage girls who’s are pregnant special!! They want to that someone loves them. Can you believe that baby is treated like a “stuff” because a girl feels pressure of love. The next we read scared articles about killed babies etc

When a kid killed parents. When someone killed another parents for a few cents. When “friend” in work lies us and we lose contract. When we are attacked and stalked because someone wants to be in ours place. Can you imagine it? People for a success are ready to do everything. They don’t care about feelings and effects their ideas. Pressure won again.

It kills me when I see what’s going on in this world. We are equal but too often pressure is the biggest enemy around us. I don’t want to read anymore that someone committed suicide or killed someone because pressure was too huge. Everything in this universe is about pressure. We are connected and we sharing her, even if we don’t want to do it.

I feel pressure too. I want to change my life and be happy. And pressure kills these thoughts. I dream that don’t feel pain anymore, be healthy and my family was always in good state in every meaning this world. I need stay alive without any pressure. Just, I please about it….