EW WHY? Adam Levine’s Fragrance Ad Is Dumb And Paula Deen Needs To Stop #NorthWest

^ my feelings about this week in celebrity news.

First things first: Kim K. and Kanyay (rhyming KKKs!) named their child (a living breathing human being also known as a miracle) after the one of the cardinal directions that can point someone to the nearest Taco Bell, North West.

A few “EW WHYs” ago I informed y’all of Julianne Moore and Kim Kardashian‘s shoe/feet problems, so I feel obligated to continue to bring you the latest in celeb-webbed-toe-nasty news. This week, it’s the king of podiatric problems and Arrowsmith front man, Steven Tyler. The blue polish is NOT helping, bro.

In other non-surprising news, Adam Levine thinks he’s cooler than everyone else! The “super edgy” and “rock n’ roll” host of the network TV singing competition show, “The Voice” has a new fragrance. But it’s better than the rest, seriously!

It turns out that America’s reigning queen of butter is a lil’ racist.

My final “ew” goes out to Death, who took James Gandolfini away from us at 51. 🙁 We shall eat cannolis in your honor, gumba.

Did anything gross you guys out this week?