Babies, did you know that right now in Brazil there’s millions of people protesting? What started off as a small protest against a raise in bus prices has quickly turned into something huge! People all over Brazil are standing up for their rights and what they believe in! I decided to reach out to our Brazilian MoonChildren to find out exactly what’s going on and how this is affecting them. Let’s start off with MoonChild Bruno:

My name is Bruno, and I’m a sixteen years old student from Brazil.

Well, how to start telling this story? Living in Brazil has never been easy, once, as in any other country, there are a lot of powerful people trying to control us.

This manifestation started because of R$ 0,20, but has become a bigger thing. Everything we had to swallow for years, is now getting powerfull in the streets.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that use this to start vandalize our own things (buses, buildings and so on). But the one’s who really want to change are stronger.

I saw protesters cleaning the mess that they did, cleaning the spray grafitti that a few ones did, helping the police against the ones who were just doing noise and destroying things, and I think thats what brazilian’s future’s about: people changing

I just hope this really works. The world can see us now. The government knows our power. Let’s change

The last thing I have to say is #vemprarua (come to street) ’cause the street is Brazil’s biggest grandstand!

#changebrazil #cantcontrolthekids #vemprarua