Catch the Feva(Mode)

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What is better than two total babes? Two total babes who are brothers. What is better than two total babes who are brothers? Add a set a drums and some killer vocals and you have your answer, FevaMode.

Now as an LA transplant, I’m still trying to get my feet wet with what some of the rad things to do are. Then my fabulous friend Callina (check her out, she’s a total dream) turned me on to this rockin’ band that is taking the stage THIS weekend.

The show will be held at the classic music hotspot The Viper Room and tickets are a mere $10 in advance and $15 if you buy them at the door (but why would you wait?). Join some friends and myself for a night of music and magic. If you are coming RSVP here and let’s be friends.

Check out their Born 2B Loud EP (which you can download FREE) along with a ridiculously awesome digital booklet that will be sure to have you laughing and swooning, possibly simultaneously. I know I was.

Be sure to LIKE them on Facebook and FOLLOW them on Twitter. Because, why not?