Carson Daly Turns 40! Happy Birthday To The Host With The Most!

NBC’s The Voice host, Carson Daly, turns 40 today! Wait a minute..what? Where did all that time go and how did I get to be almost 25? I was going to make a ’10 reasons why we love you’ blog, (or 40 reasons…I swear I probably could) but I wanted to go much deeper. Listing off a bunch of little reasons why I adore this man does not even compare to how he inspires me every day.

It was 1998 when I first saw Carson Daly on MTV. I remember he was walking around some beach, pre-TRL, raving on and on about music. I was only 10 but I identified with him even then. I’ll never forget that. I don’t even remember what band he was talking about, but I knew he was not like the others. This guy was for real, and he still is. I’ll never understand why people don’t see that. I, too, tend to ramble on about music. Most of the time, people just think I’m lame but now I have a platform to do it on just like Carson does so I mean..ya know..

^ Precisely.

Enter TRL. The show that defined a generation from 1998-2008. I can’t even imagine not having TRL growing up. It was such a staple in my life along with everyone else I grew up with. I pass by the Times Square studio every now and then and I have to shake my head over the fact that there is an Aeropostale where so much history was made. Carson was at the epicenter of all of that energy and he handled it like a pro. Believe it or not, it was Carson’s positive attitude through interviews gone horribly wrong (coughPrincecough) that I learned how to stay cool under intense pressure. He made it look so easy. He still does.

One of the biggest reasons why I adore Carson is because of his love for the music. So many people are handed television shows and not many of them know what to do with them. You can tell in their interviews that they’re not the slightest bit interested in who they’re interviewing. Carson incorporates music into everything he does and it’s so obvious he’s not bullsh!ting his way through it. I was sprucing up my blog the other night and I noticed that I’m kind of doing the same thing. With every post, I’m incorporating something I’ve learned from a song.

Ever since Last Call with Carson Daly premiered in 2002, I’ve been amazed at how many bands Carson has introduced. He has even given tons of them their television debut! With Buzznet, I get to do that too only in writing. It’s like I’ve come full circle; from sitting in his audience countless times and discovering new music to sharing my discoveries with all of you. It doesn’t get much better. Anything to be close to the music.

On July 29th, it will be ten years since I met Carson for the first time. (Excuse my fangirling.) I was 14. My mom got me tickets to see a taping of his late night talk show. Nikki Reed was there promoting Thirteen (cool, huh?) and The Donnas performed! (score!) I had made Carson a mix CD that I was determined to give him. God, that makes me sound like such a noob! (Carson, if by any chance you do read this, please skip this part.) I had just started making mix CDs so I’m pretty sure the quality was crap and I’m embarrassed to even imagine what it must have sounded like but he seemed to love it. I waited for him down in the NBC lobby in Rockefeller Center (oh jeeze…stalker much?) and he was just so gracious. He actually stood there with me for at least 20 minutes and talked to me. As he was reading the tracklisting of the CD I made, he kept saying “this is AWESOME!” The guy knew how to make teen girls feel like sunshine! Haha! I was amazed at how humble and kind he was. I will never forget that day. I’ll probably even tell my future children about it a million times as they roll their eyes and tune me out.

The story behind Carson’s career is inspiring, and like my own, very different. I’m just starting out. I have no idea what the future holds, but with integrity, humbleness and my strong moral compass I know I can achieve greatness. Carson continues to prove that you can be amazing without sacrificing what you believe in.

So Carson, here is a giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the host with the most from everyone here at BUZZNET! You’ve inspired a lot of amazing people here on our music loving site and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! ♥

*virtual hugs and beerz*

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