Buzznet’s Official Warped Tour Style Picks From Motel Rocks!

As most of you probably know by now, Buzznet is on the road all summer long as part of Vans Warped Tour! We’re inside the Girlz Garage with Keep A Breast meeting kids all day, giving away free goodies, hosting signings, and providing much needed cell phone charging stations! As with any concert or festival one of the biggest questions is.. what on earth are you going to wear? Our girl Brittany who is manning the Buzznet lounge all summer long is going to be sporting tons of great looks from Motel Rocks! The brand is perfect for summer festival fashion and has plenty of black and white options. (aka BUZZNET colors!)

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If you’re looking for Warped Tour fashion inspiration or want to know what Buzznet’s official fashion picks are take a look at the gallery below!

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