Buzznet Breakdown: June 30, 2013

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s time for our rundown of last week in this weeks Buzznet Breakdown. Here are our top 10 posts from staff, Buzzmakers, and users! As always, don’t forget to check back in next week to see if YOUR post made our countdown!

10. 9 Artists I Bet You Didn’t Know Played Warped Tour

Buzzmaker Matt Toka blows our mind with these 9 artists who once played Warped Tour! We had no idea! Did you?

9. Flashback Friday: Alexander Deleon + Brian Dales Sing “Hit Me Baby One More Time”

Best cover ever? We think so.

8. MAKEUP TALK – Taylor Momsen Ditches Panda Eyes

Taylor Momsen stepped out without her smokey eye and shocked the world!

7. Apparently Jared Leto Just LOVES Dressing In Drag

How many times has Jared Leto dressed up in drag this year? Read the full artcicle here!

6. HOT or NOT? Miley Serves Chun Li Realness in NYC

Girl is giving us straight up Street Fighter Chun Li glam in this Chinese, double dragon inspired Pucci ensemble.

5. Let’s Talk Music: Paramore’s ‘Anklebiters’ Music Video

What do you guys think of the new Paramore video? Let’s talk music here 🙂

4. Josh Hutcherson Loves Taking Ladies For Motorcycle Rides

See what lucky ladies this hunk has been taking for a spin–>here!

3. We Die: Disney + Vans = Shoe Perfection

Again, we die! This is perfection!

2. UNLOCKED! The Maine ‘Unseen’ Footage

These boys are silly and you should watch this hilarious unseen footage!

1. People We Love Who Love Equality

YAY equality! This made us so so happy this week 🙂

Check back in next week!