Buzznet Breakdown June 23

Thank you Buzznet. You made my day!!!

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Happy Sunday everyone! It’s that time of the week where we count down our top 10 favorite posts from last week. These are in no particular order we just like to show off some of our fun posts! Take a look below at our fave and comment on your favorite! Did a post you create make it into our countdown?!

10. How to Survive PCD: (part 2)

PCD is a horrible sadness you feel after seeing your fave band live, and then it’s over 🙁 These tips will help you get over this sadness! Do things like blog about it on Buzznet, duh!

9. 37 Fresh Fruit Nails For Summer

All of these nails are super cute and perfect for that summer nail design! See all the fresh fruit nail designs here!

8. Street Style Spotlight: Rihanna

Girl has style. Some outfits more questionable than others, but Riri can rock pretty much anything!

7. Sleeping With Sirens Signing @ Warped Tour San Diego

SWS were so nice and cute while signing with fans in San Diego! Take a look at all the pics we snapped, we even saw a kiss!

6. Hot Or Not: Hairy Leg Tights

Ummm….we are gonna have to go with NOT on this one.

5. Youtube Evolution Of: Miley Cyrus

From Hannah Montana, long haired Miley to now, we love this chick. See her evolution through YouTube here!

4. 15 Cute and Quirky Tea Sets!

All of these sets are so cute! We need them all please!

3. Pete Wentz Got The Moves

Ever wonder how Pete Wentz dances? He did a little battle with New Politics‘ David Boyd while on tour with them. You can watch the full vid here!

2. Selena Gomez Steals Vanessa Hudgens’ Style

Selena is stealing some of Vanessa Hudgens fashion tips it looks like. See how Vanessa wears this style here.

1. The 10 People You’ll Meet During Warped Tour (Gif Edition)

This post is 10000000% accurate. Take a look for yourself!