BSTA#30: Summer!!!!

I love summer time because always is so hot!!! I hate when is cold because I wear so many clothes that I look like a snowman. Really, it’s not funny….

I don’t have fun memories or adventures from my holidays. When I was a little kid my parents and I always spent one week in Zakopane. We have there beautiful montages and I totally love this place.

I spend my summers in home. I don’t go to any party..because I don’t have friends here where I am. Sometimes it kicks me so much. But life is life.

In this year for sure will be worse. I have too many problems in my head or around myself that I’m worried about this time.

I’ll do it what I do always. For sure I’ll read a lot… unfortunately all the time I can’t allow to hear my favorite I record songs from the radio to tapes.. but there can’t hear what made me the best. So I’ll try to change it… and I’ll want to change my life but I don’t know where the future days will bring me…