Brand New’s ‘Deja Entendu’ Turns 10

I can remember everything about the first time I listened to Brand New’s June 2003 release, Deja Entendu.

I went to the Best Buy in North Attleboro, MA in my Dad’s White Ford Explore by myself (I had just started driving) to buy it on the Friday night of the album’s release. I waited until I got home to listen to it. I struggled to remove the plastic cellophane but when I finally got the case open, I was in awe of the album artwork and the physical CD’s understated appearance. I put it into my small TV’s DVD player, sat on my bed and hit play. The opening track, “Tautou” made me feel sad instantly. I remember the sensation working like a light switch. It was sudden and abrupt – and I knew would have to take action to change it. I called up my best friend Nate to see if he wanted to hang out, but he didn’t answer. I just decided to just keep listening to the album and over the next 40 minuets I was glued to my bed. Nothing could have taken me away from what was pouring out of my tiny TV speakers. It was angry in a very sad and beautiful way. I knew that this music was unique and exciting; that things would be different.

Cheer up emo kid.

Now, you might think that’s kind of a boring story; but to me, that’s one of my first vivid experiences of how music can make you feel something new and something that you didn’t realize you were missing. I am sure you all have an album or a song that makes you feel that way. I know I have had several since and each time it happens it feels incredible. I could keep going on forever about this album, but I will stop here.

Anyway, today that album is 10-years-old and I would be disappointed if I didn’t open up the discussion here on Buzznet with all of you. The album might be a first listen for a few of you, but I suggest getting your hands on the music, the lyrics and just following along. It’s quite a ride. #musicrules

Here is a message the band posted about the album:

We would just like to take a moment to say thank you to you all for the ten years since Deja Entendu was released, and for all the things that have happened since then. Time goes by quickly, and the steps our band has taken since recording that album down in Charlotte have been significant. But it’s important for us to recognize that in many ways this record was our first step down a important creative path for our band. And for many of you, it was the doorway to an interest in our music. So thank you for listening, and for affording us the opportunities that you have for so many years. We hope that we still have it in us to create something that ten years from now, there will be a reason to celebrate and remember.

It is sincerely appreciated,

Garrett, Vincent, Jesse, and Brian

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What album’s are you going to honor at the 10 year mark?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.