The Best Day Ever! My Very First Warped Tour: Pomona

Yesterday, June 20, I went to my very first Warped Tour! I was so excited to finally experience something that EVERYONE on Buzznet is super pumped for and to see some rad bands play live. So natually, I put my Vans on and a skater dress and headed out ready to play!

We first arrived and parked next to all the tour busses and I was so amazed at how many there were (there were soooooooooooooooo many) and that people are actually living in these things all summer while traveling the country. Hats off to all of you living in tour busses and out of suitcases!

Me and Brittany made our way in finally and I immediately got tatted. Yup I got my first tattoo EVER at my first Warped Tour! How exciting?! JK JK it’s a temp! We will be giving out these awesome Buzznet tattoos at our tent all summer so be sure to stop by, say hello and get tatted up!

It was almost showtime and they were about to let the animals kids in! I was told they made a run for it once they were allowed but I no idea it was this crazy. A herd of children stampeded through the gates and started running for their lives to get into Warped Tour! It was wild. Dirt flying everywhere, kids screaming, running like crazy all to go see their fave band play live, I love it!

Then it was time to go watch the bands. We had to leave early so my day was cut short but I was glad I got to see some fun bands! We saw We Came As Romans and Anarbor. Watching these bands from side stage was cray cray!

It was also my first pit watching experience and I was shocked, scared and confused….alarmed in a way. Are those kids going to be hurt and are they meaning to punch their friends in the face?! Brit assured me this is what they do and that they are having fun.

As our day was coming to an end we stopped by the press area to visit our Buzznet friends! We got to catch a Brian Logan Dales interview which was very exciting!

I had THE BEST DAY EVER. No but really, it was wicked (yes I am from Boston) fun! I would love to go back and get a full day in. Next year! I loved seeing everyone enjoying music and not giving a care about anything else in the world. It was an amazing day with amazing peeps. Here are some other fun pics:

annnnd a vine