Band To Buzz About Summer ’13: Night Drive

Happy Summer, BUZZNET! It’s that time of year where we need a playlist for everything! Actually, that’s me all year long, but summer is especially crucial for new up-and-coming bands to shine and make that first impression. So get your iPods ready for a new segment I will be blogging about all summer long called Bands To Buzz About Summer ’13! Instead of giving you guys a list of bands you should keep on your radar this summer, each individual band gets the attention they deserve!

First up is Night Drive.

I was browsing through my Facebook news feed this morning and came across this lovely piece of music from a band called Night Drive. I was quite delighted at what I heard and just had to share with you guys! It’s synthy “future wave”…and you all know how much I love my synth!

Night Drive is not a band. It’s a mission. 2 secret agents sent from the past to recalibrate the future of electro pop. At least that’s what their Facebook bio says. Keeping it cryptic; I can flow with that. I urge you all to check out their song “Drones” and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Shout out to St. Lucia for posting “Drones” on their Facebook page and for inspiring this post. 😉

Psst! If you like what you hear, there’s a free download! 😉

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