Artist Spotlight: Count To Four

If you’re a pop/punk fan looking for the next big band to devout your alliance to, Count To Four are your new favorite band. They play hard, they play fast and they sing about growing up and making the same mistakes we all make. Lucky for us, they have a brand new album out, Between Two Cities and are currently on tour. If you love The Wonder Years or All Time Low this is the perfect band to get into this summer.

Take a look at their latest music video for the song, “Lavender Town” and get to know them a bit in our little Q&A. They’re perfectly pop/punk. #musicrules

How did you all start playing music together?

It started with Mike and Pete jamming together to old Fall Out Boy songs, and when the two of them discovered that they had a real chemistry they started to write together. The rest of the members of the band were drawn in shortly after that.

How has growing up near Philadelphia influenced your band?

It’s had a big impact – just as it has on most of us South Jersey residents. Growing up in the suburbs and then being a 15 minute train ride from one of the most diverse and interesting cities in the country is a beautiful thing. Philly really has that X-factor about it, which gives us a go-to when things at home grow stale. That’s a healthy thing both personally and as a band.

Which three bands have had the most influence over Count To Four?

Fall Out Boy, Bobby Darin, the soundtrack to Top Gun.

What are your plans after your tour dates this June?

We’re going to continue pushing our brand new full length Between Two Cities into the fall – be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming tour dates & new music. Aside from that there’s talk of a split with Richmond, VA natives Battleghost and we’ll also be taking some time to write some more. As always, stay tuned and keep your eyes (or, more so, your ears) open!

Tell us about “Between Two Cities”?

It’s our very first full length album! It’s more technical than our older releases but still carries the hooks we’ve tried to bring to the table since we started. The whole concept started when our singer, Mike, was going to school in New York and coming back almost every weekend to play shows. It got to be pretty complicated time with us as a band because we lost our bass player and our future was a pretty big question mark. That’s really where the whole concept of the album began. It turn into a search for finding what makes you happy and what you wanted to do with your life as your stuck between the person you were and the person you’re going to be.

What are your goals as a band this year?

Eat healthier, volunteer at a soup kitchen, and maybe get signed to a decent label so we can all do this for a living!

What do you think of Count To Four?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.