A Little Hug

Do you remember me still? I’m so sorry that I’m so quiet but my life is crazy like always. But right now…. I don’t know what I have to say….

At the first I’m so sorry but tomorrow I’ll try read your blogs. I miss to my Buzznet Family!!! I think about you so long time every day!!! Part of my heart is your!!!

I’m off because I don’t feel too good. And I have some problem with Internet. But all the time I create new stuffs. Can’t wait to show you!!!!!!

And something the worse… tomorrow I’ll have met with director from my school.. I have some problems because no one wanted me on practice…and by it I’ll can end my school.. and I’ll lose 2 years my suffering with books. I’m more than scared…. always I ran to music but you know that I can’t so tomorrow will be nightmare…

Can I please you about a little hug?