5 Bands That Played Warped Tour With Heart

The last few days have been nothing but Warped Tour for me. Hanging in the Girls Garage at the Buzznet booth, doing hours of press (videos coming soon) and seeing as much live music as possible; this year was VERY busy. I tired my best to see a variety so I could come back and share the five bands I think really deserve your consideration this summer. Warped Tour is a wonderful opportunity for bands to gain a lot of attention and they only have 30 minuets to win over a new city of fans. As most of you can tell from my posts I like to take the perspective of a music fan and share how music makes me feel. In that theme here are five bands that played Warped Tour with a lot of heart. Granted some of the bands on this list already have a large following, but this just goes to show they deserve it.

Regardless of the bands you decide to see your day at Warped, you’re gonna have the best day ever. #musicrules.

Bring Me The Horizon – Kia Forte Stage

BMTH had a crowd unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was rowdy yet organized; everyone knew the routine. Hands were up, fans were singing like a choir and front man Ollie Sykes had a captivating stage presence. I have never been into BMTH but they won me over with their set. I would put them on my must-see list this summer.

Go Radio – Tilly’s

I have always felt like Go Radio didn’t get enough credit for how good they are live. On Warped Tour a band only has a half hour to show you what they’re made of and Go Radio give a lot. Songs like “Go To Hell” and its anthemic chorus; spreads through the crowed like wildfire catching each person as the song progresses. Go Radio is well deserving of you checking our their set at Warped Tour.

Tonight Alive – Domo

Although TA is from Australia, Tonight Alive has managed to build an incredible fan base in the US — and Warped Tour is their time to shine. Their set at Warped has A LOT of energy, but also leaves room for some poignant moments with the song “Amelia.” Frontwoman Jenna McDougall’s voice live is powerful and as a band they look like they are having the time of their lives. They truly are a band of friends who love making music and performing together.

The Summer Set – Tilly’s

All I can say about TSS at Warped is they are fun, fun, fun. You will dance, sing and watch as these five friends show you what it’s like to have “The Best Day Ever.” It’s impossible to watch their set without a huge smile on your face and tapping you toes. They’re the kind of band that makes you want to round up all your friends to start your own. Also to note this band has already been bumped to the main stage three times this summer.

The Wonder Years – Kia Forte Stage

I knew when The Greatest Generation came out last month that they would own Warped Tour – and I was right. The Wonder Years pack a lot of punch into their set. Even if you have to watch far away from the stage you can still feel everything from the pit. TWY’s set is a classic example of why this tour started and it was refreshing to see and hear that from a main stage act.

I hope you have a great day at Warped and get to see all of the amazing bands on the tour.

Okay, now I need a nap.

Who do you want to see at Warped Tour this summer?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.