4 Things That Will Surprise You About Warped Tour (Behind The Scenes)

Warped Tour is here! After four days of hanging at the tour here are a few things I thought y’all would find interesting. #musicrules

1. Everyone is exercising by their bus. Like, everyone.

Really, if you walk by the buses you will see your favorite bands running in place, jump roping or pumping iron.

2. The catering area is NOT like the cafeteria in “Mean Girls.”

Everyone is mixed and mingles. Crew, bands, everyone. None of this.

3. Bands on the tour love to listen to all kind of music.

Ya know like how the Tonight Alive crew love this guy.

And this lady.

4. Bands show up to support each other!

Most of the sets I watched I ended up watching with a bud in a band OR ran into one at the stage. Nice to see so much support in the community. In a way, their peers are possibly bigger fans than YOU are.

JK, you’re all the biggest fans.

What were you surprised by at Warped Tour?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.