The 10 People You’ll Meet During Warped Tour (Gif Edition)

I’m so excited to be headed to Vegas/Indy this week for Warped Tour and I’ve had this idea for a blog for a while and thought why not post it! Anyways, I’ve been seeing a lot of kids say how they wish this band wasnt on Warped and I just want to clear one thing up. Warped is FOR EVERYONE, and just because you don’t like one band doesnt mean you should say “They shouldnt even be on the tour“. Side note, I’ve stumbled into some fab sets of bands I thought I wouldnt like and end up loving them (cough cough.. AntiFlag last year)

The 10 People You’ll Meet At Warped Tour

10. The Newbie (Why Am I Dirty?)

9. When doors open, the one kid who’s faster than everyone else

8. The guy way too into the head bang.

7. The person who ruins the pit and goes before the band says so

6.The girl trying to dance her way backstage

5. The one who talks through the whole set about how much she loves (insert band here)

4.The Screamer

3.The one who knows every lyric to every song… (How Do They Do That)

2. The person who goes to every tent for FREE Swag

1.All Black Everything (How are you alive right now?)

Have you seen any of these people at Warped Tour? What shows are you going too?