Youtube Evolution Of: Pierce The Veil


In honor of the fun I had last night at the Spring Fever Tour, today’s Youtube Evolution is on Pierce The V

As some of you may know, Pierce The Veil has been around for a LONG time now, cheers to them, they formed WAY back in 2007! This first video is an OLD OLD OLD one from then, enjoy!

Good ol’ 2009. Here is a video of them performing live 4 years ago…oh how time flies!

OOH here is a personal favorite, it is a song called “Caraphernelia” I always liked it because coming from the touring world…it is pretty honest and real. The lyrics are just amazing too.

Ok so now that that got you pumped, there is more to come!

Another one with amazing lyrics…this video is for a song called “Bulletproof Love”

This one was probably the best video they put out in my opinion, I love the plot to the video adn ERMERGAHHD Kellin Quinn is in it too!

This video is actually from the Spring Fever tour which they are on right now! Crazy to see how much bigger their fan base is, their performance and stage presence is so much better and of course stage set up is imperssive as fuhhhh. CONFETTII!

blown away?

thought so!

so fresh and so clean clean, this video was just released a few days ago, I feel like a lot of you can relate to this video HAHAH. Oh dads.

welp folks…we have run out of time here in PTV land…


Hope you liked that, what is your favorite Pierce The Veil song and video?

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