Youtube Evolution Of: Mayday Parade

Happy Friday AND Happy May!!

In honor of May, I decided to do this week’s Youtube Evolution on Mayday Parade! I seriously have loved that band for so long, I remember blasting them on road trips to NY in High School. SO many good memories attached to that band!

Ok so hold onto your seats, turn up your volume and get ready for a visual time travel with the Mayday Parade boys…

ahh…this song STILLL stabs me right in the heart ooof, such a good one. Hello 2006!

Ok so I just literally started dancing in my seat for this one…I have yet to be able to listen to this and NOT blast it and sing so loud…

Here is a hint on the next song:

GAH this was one of those “omg my bf broke up with me let me listen to this and cry” songs, le siiigh. I also never really liked how they had someone lip sync over Jason Lancaster‘s vocals.

oh MANNN I still remember the exact moment that I first listened to this next song. Here they are performing live at Warped Tour!

Here is a newer song from last year called “Stay” I honestly don’t know this song but I really like it now that I listened 🙂

Oh man what a lovely time travel that was, phew!

What is YOUR favorite Mayday Parade song and memory?

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