What I Wore Astral Safari

Shoes: Nanda, Tank Dress: Freepeople, Sweater: Urban, Necklace: BCP Jewelry, Tank: Monroe Attire

Currently sitting in my office in sweatpants and a Prada faux fur wrap. Not the best combination by any means. Spent the morning order lots of new supplies for Crystal Cactus! Things you can expect in the very near future .. Zodiac incense, wooden mirrored moon and star stone box’s, hand made California white sage infused with real roses and lavender, silver rainbow bullets, Tigarian claw rose gold necklaces + MORE! I can not wait to update the store. This week im meeting with a new production house in the city the get the samples for my first collection done. I have grown so much as a personal and business women from my first lines. I was kinda a clueless kid when I started 4 years ago out of my Hollywood apartment. I made a lot of mistakes, trusted the wrong people, my style was kinda all over the place.. I feel like I have grown to a place where I can put out something so amazing that I will always be proud of it. I can not wait for you all to see the final result!

Now im off on a run, granola baking and sacred oil making with my Reiki Master. The oils will be up for sale in a few weeks and all of them will have protention and crushed crystals in them as well as organic and holistic!