Why I Love Buzznet?

Yes, I’m a dreamer. I love pink unicorns, bubble on air, crazy songs and beautiful places, flowers and you too!!!

And true is that my day was bad but now I can to share with you my thoughts. Sometimes, I feel really freak!!! I think that I’m weirdo and I’m not like people. I don’t know what will bring the next day and it’s terrible because always it are very bad stuffs. I hope that your life is better.

And again.. yes!!! I don’t love myself. Why? Because I think that no one understands me and I did too many mistakes in my life. But I need to love myself that see happiness. Everything is crazy.

All day I thought about words surgeon. I’m worried about it. And it made me worse. Altough hope still exists here. I love Buzznet because you don’t hurt me and I’m treated like a normal person. It means for me more than you can imagine. I’m accepted here and it’s part of the hope that life is beautiful.

I feel that being here changed me. I’m now better person than earlier. And I love blogging. Love my whole family from Buzznet.

But time back to me…

I’m tired because I worked on farm. I helped my grandma. She isn’t too young so she was happy. And I though a lot about my life. Again, I was depressed because I have problems and my art is in death point. Yes, time to send more messages to Polish artists.. I need direction where I have to push my art. Really, I want to be happy person and I feel that I need to created more and show the world.

I love help the people. You know this is my life mission. I feel that my poetry or blogs are good way to do it. My dream is change it how the world see eating disorders, self-harm, bullying or suicide. We need to support the people, not critize.

I don’t want to give up because I see how beautiful is this world. Sometimes too me is too scared. When you are alone, it almost everything is so hard to you and without any sense. I have a few the best friends in Internet and my whole heart is their.

I think that I should to drawing!!!! Maybe something to Makin’ Memories Group? Escape to crayons? Love it!!!!


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