Do YOU Want To Be The Next Star Of The X-Factor?!

Throughout the singing competitions, especially ones like The Voice we’ve seen some of our favorites audition, and even win (ahem, Cassadee Pope). Some of you probably dream of being on a show like that, and lucky for you, you don’t need to be in a major city to audition anymore. X-Factor is now letting contestants tryout via YouTube videos!

We’ve seen all sorts of amazing talent all over our site from your cover videos to the Emerging Talent you have pushed over the passed few months, so why not give it a whirl and send in your video? Who knows who could be the next big star!

It’s super simple to audition; all you have to do is register, submit an intro video, and your submission video!

Check out all the details on X-Factors site!

What next Buzznet band member would you want to see on The X-Factor?!