UPDATED: Frances Bean Cobain Rips Kendall Jenner A New One Over Tweet

Apparently Frances Bean Cobain is as tough as she looks. The 20 year-old daughter of rock legends Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love is all up in some drama in the only place it seems to occur these days, Twitter.

It all started with a complain-y tweet from the tallest Kardashi-sister, Kendall Jenner:

Frances AKA @alka_seltzer666 could not contain her Hulk-like rage and went on to write a slew of angry tweets:

One could ask…what is Frances doing following the 17 year-old model on Twitter anywho? Cobain is always tweeting pics of her hot fiance, but apparently he doesn’t keep her busy enough to stop her from trollin’.

Said fiance:

Oh also, I find it completely necessary to include this photo of their puppy…regardless of how irrelevant to the story:

UPDATE: Kendall responds!

Did you think Frances’ tweets were OUT OF CONTROL? Isn’t that the cutest pup you’ve ever seen?