Thought Blog: What Is True Beauty

Just like my last Thought Blog, I found inspiration through a video I came across online…

I watched this and it got me thinking…What is beauty? What does that mean to me?

That video really puts into perspective how we all are so much harder on ourselves, we are seen by others in such a different light.

I have honestly always been hard on myself when it comes to looks, as many people are, yet I can find beauty and inspiration in almost anything. Crazy how that works huh? I thankfully have gained more general confidence and love for myself but I do find it hard to not always question it due to media and the pressure they put on everyone.

For example, take a look at Marilyn Monroe in comparison to the celebs that we have now.

Then I get to wondering why any of those comparisons even matter because that again is us just looking at body type, there is so much more to it than that.

We should all be focusing on art and the random things that pass us by everyday that are beautiful like kind and generous people who volunteer at childrens hospitals or that one guy who holds the door for everyone.

See that video right there makes me smile more than any lipstick or makeover could…we need to all re focus on what is beautiful to the world and not stress over our pant size so much.

What is your most beautiful quality you bring to the world everyday?