Thought Blog: Taking Tattoos To The Extreme

Hey Buzzies.

I felt the need to make this Thought Blog based on a topic many of you seem to have opinions and interest in: Tattoos.

I came across a video that I shared that caused quite the uproar on my Facebook as well as the website which you can see HERE. I wanted to share it with you here to see what YOU thought of this.

Video Contains Adult Content**

I can say that pretty much every friend I have has a tattoo these days, some are even covered head to toe. Tattoos really are an amazing way to show off your story and commitment to something, it is an art, an expression and to some a way of life.

I have come across a few people in LA, which you may see in this blog, that have taken that to the most extreme level and like them this has somehow become HUGE online.

I am not sure if these people get a huge following due to people finding it “funny”, “extreme” “cool” or just “interesting” either way, it has gotten many people “internet famous”.

A fellow tatted Instagram stat:

I am not going to give my two cents because this is not necessary, I don’t want this post to be a “bashing on people’s lifestyle choices” type post, I just want to know your honest opinions on it all.

So what are YOUR thoughts folks?