There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand

For all of us that worship at the church of Arrested Development, this Sunday can’t come any sooner. Praise be to Netflix, which heard the cries of the show’s cult following and resurrected the once dead series that was killed off before it’s time in what seems like a miracle of sorts.

As we anxiously await for this zombie of a show to feast on our collective funny bone, the fine folks over at Netflix have been releasing trailers for the 15 hours of what looks to be the continuation of this series rather than a rehash.

Anymews, let’s talk about why we’re really here.

Whomever the Arrested Development Marketing Person In Charge of Getting Us Excited For Things is, we applaud. Thank you for taking the Bluth’s Banana Stand on a tour of sorts.

~ Not really but still ~

It started somewhere far away, in a place that I don’t care about because it wasn’t anywhere near me. IDK it was in Europe or something. Then, it was all the way on the east coast but I was still kind of whatever about it because that’s pretty far from me. I mean, I can’t even hitch a ride with Gob there.

Yesterday, the Banana Stand was near where I work so I pretended I was sick to go see it and well now I’ll probably lose my job but whatever, IT WAS WORTH IT.

Behold! Bluth’s Banana Stand!

Here’s the line and stuff and some guy passing out things

And those things were –

Sara’s getting fired, too.

We were supposed to get chocolate covered bananas but they ran out and Sara started to wreck stuff:

But then she was all LOL JK GUISE LOVE YA MEAN IT

And she made them say things:

And then everyone was happy

And I got a poster

And then I went home to look for a job. That’s all!

Are you excited for the return of Arrested Development?