Thank You Mom: Mother’s Day Tribute

Happy Sunday lovelies!

Today is a day that whether or not you are with your mom you usually show your appreciation in some way! I unfortunately am one who cannot be with my mom today SO I wanted to make a post that we can all send to our wonderful mommas to remind them just how much we love them!

So here we go, Hey Mom…

Spice Girls ‘Mama’ pretty much sums up what I would sing to you now (if I could sing good).

If I was really good at writing poems it would go a little something like this…

This is a thank you for all the times I annoyed the crap out of you especially on Mother’s Day…this is SO us and SO funny 🙂

For all the times I haven’t been able to make you breakfast in bed, use your imagination today. MMM!

Overall, Thank you mom for or all the times that..

  • you let me have a late night snack
  • dealt with me crying in public
  • put the top down and took me for rides
  • taught me life lessons
  • picked me up the millions of times I scraped my knees
  • gave me hope and inspiration
  • let me go to concerts
  • basically…thank you for being you<3

What is your favorite memory with YOUR mom?!