Tell Me Why: Falling In Reverse

I need your help again pals.

Last year tons of fans came to see Falling In Reverse headlined Warped Tour and in 2011 their debut album, The Drug In You Is Me, charted at #19 on the US Billboard 200. Pretty impressive. I have given this band as much attention as I can, listening to old and new music, to try to understand why you all like them; but I’m still at a loss. So now I turn to you, my music loving community of Buzznet for some help.

I was very hesitant to write a “Tell Me Why” for Falling In Reverse because I know they have a very passionate fan base. However, maybe that loyal fan base can help me out and explain why they are so devoted.

Because honestly, Falling In Reverse; I don’t get it.

I can tell from the new music video Falling In Reverse posted yesterday fans are curious about their new sound and decision to incorporate hip-hop influences in their new music. For me, either way I am having a hard time seeing the attraction to the music old and new. I am confused as to why so many young fans – female fans, are drawn to it. To me it seems very aggressive in a way I can’t relate to and as a woman it’s offensive.

See the video below, I was shocked! You ladies do realize what he is saying here, right?

I know using sex isn’t a new idea in music, but I haven’t noticed any other bands with such vulgar content in their music being celebrated here on Buzznet. Perhaps I am having a hard time because I can usually get a grasp on why our community loves a band so much. I can typically find common ground and “get on your level” – but with this band I am at a loss. So I honestly need your help.

So help me. Maybe I am looking (and listening) at all of this in the wrong way. You’re all tuned into what is cool and why you love the music you love. So, tell me why I should like Falling In Reverse.

Do you like Falling In Reverse?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. #musicrules.