Style 101: The Best Ways To Rock A Denim Shirt

Who doesn’t love a good denim shirt? Even though they trend really popped off last year, it’s still very much in style. The denim shirt is a CLASSIC staple that anyone can wear during any season, no matter what your style is! It can go rocker, boho, preppy, skater, girly and basically any other way you can think of! It’s all about how you put it together, which can be a bit tricky. I have several denim shirts and I’m always experimenting with the best way to wear them.

The odds are good that most of you have denim shirts in your closet, but just may be afraid to wear them if you can’t figure out exactly what they go with! So I pulled some of my favorite looks that I found that incorporated a denim shirt. There are plenty more where this came from, because it’s such a versatile staple! But I thought these photos showed 7 very different and distinct denim shirt styles!

This one is my favorite look that I found. Super cute, casual and chic. I love this super long denim shirt and rolling the sleeves up adds a great “messy” relaxed element. Crop tops are super trendy right now, as are higher waisted jeans so this look is very NOW but timeless at the same time!

Another great casual style, but a little more boho/girly. I like the shirt buttoned up over the skirt, very similar to if you just wore a loose fitting sweater over a skirt. The hat just adds to the trendiness of this outfit! Very ‘Free People’ if you will.

This look actually came from a Free People catalog. I love these shorts! I own them in a different color. A very easy way to wear a denim shirt is to pair it with patterened shorts. I really like that this shirt has the sleeves cut off, especially since it’s almost summer and getting hot outside, this is a very practical style!

I saw this and thought it was ADORABLE. Even though this is a little girly for me specifically, I can very much appreciate this style. I love the plain sweater over the dark denim shirt, and the sparkly necklace worn over the shirt is a fantastic addition. Also the rolled sleeves detail is a great touch.

I like this look a lot just beause it’s SO easy. Denim shirt, black jeans, black boots. Anyone can wear this look and just about everyone has a pair of black jeans and black combat boots these days.

Of course I found a picture of my sister while searching for denim styles. I remember this dress because I always wanted to borrow it! haha. It’s super cute with the thrown on denim shirt over it. I like the slouchiness of this shirt mixed with the put togetherness of the dress. Miley always pulls off this look effortlessly.

OK the last one is the ‘denim on denim’ style that’s probably the scariest to attempt. But I love the way it looks, and the key is to mix the denim shades. Pair a light shirt with darker jeans like this and you’re in the clear of being too matchy, but you get that great all American look that never goes out of style.

Which one of these looks is your favorite, and which ones will you try out??