Stop Domestic Violence

When everyone thinks that you are alright but you bleed inside your mind. When someone hurts you but no one reacts…

Some people are indifferent to suffering, others don’t know what to do, how to help. Diffusion of responsibility is something the worse. It drives me to crazy, when domestic violence is „hot topic” for gossips. I wonder what persons living in “gossip world” will feel during worse days, when someone will try to hurt them.

No one is safe in today’s world. It’s sad, but true.

Domestic violence is marginalized theme, though it touches so many children, women’s and men’s. I don’t understand why media doesn’t want to talk about men’s suffering. Unfortunately part of the world doesn’t see that kids and women’s are perpetrators too. It does not matter who you are and where you live.

Camouflage isn’t protection. Too biggest clothes only seemingly hide the bruises and wounds but what about the soul? You can’t let anyone to hurt you. You have one life and you always have to try change something.

Anxiety, suicidal thoughts are your own enemy. Bad times will pass but it depends from the time when you will say stop. No one can treat you like a marionette. I mentioned that life is like a puzzle. Every element it events and feelings. It how we arrange them only depends on our courage and faith.

In my life was various moments. I was sad…too often. So many times I heard that I’m nobody. One of the many things which I hate it argue. Sometimes I feel that I’m not yet ready to share with you whole my story…I hope that one day you will able to hear it…

Emotional abuse is bad as physical abuse. There is no difference. The war inside your soul and outside your body. ..when you are paralyzed, you don’t want to live and you are treated worse in the society.

Often you don’t know what to say or how to live.. even can’t dream about better time. I don’t like talk about it, but no one can imagine what feels person which living many years in fear. The image of the world is different and nothing makes sense. Often escape into the unknow isn’t possible.

I think that the people aren’t nice to is. About nobody cares about the victims. Let’s go back to the school. I believe that teachers should to care more about students and have a good contact with them. It will help saw even a little problem. Contact with parents is also base.

The neighbors… so we are anonymous. We don’t want to live the life of the others. We don’t have time for it. Work is the greatest. But is it so hard to ask if “everything is okay?” or call to police when we are worried. One a little call or conversation can save a life.

In the world are countries where women’s have no right. Yes, even a little girls can be raped, sold, beaten or killed. It makes this world really sick. I believe that each country should to help and save these people.

For someone it might be weird but for me, domestic violence is a kind of war. Why? This is happening in the whole world……

If someone hurts you, please say stop.

If you know someone who is hurt, please help as soon as possible. In almost every country is a lot organizations ready to help. Don’t wait until will too late. Every day is important.

I’m always honest with you. Really, I write this blog and I cry. It’s really hard to show huge suffering. Memories, images and everything in my head. All sounds irrational but emotions win.

And I want to share with you “The Cycle of Abuse”:

and what you can do to be safe: