Steal My Style!

Whoop!!Whoop!! Today I had great day thanks Buzznet. Why? Because I realised my idea about new photo shoot for my blog. Really, this time was incredible.

My style is crazy. Yeah, I’m weirdo. New clothes are too expensive for me and I wear old stuffs…even these from the time when I was 12 🙂 Really!!!! I don’t joke 🙂

And to me it was hard but I save money and I went to “Metka” second-hand shop in my city. I was in shock because there are fabolous clothes. I bought 10 things and it cost me $3,08…amazing!!! Why? During two weeks are clothes in different prizes…and in every second Thursday-Friday, clothes cost $0,30 but you have to buy 10 or more… So, I bought something for me and my mom a few weeks ago. I felt so hard but although I have “new” clothes, something what I love. And I’m not ashamed that I wear used stuffs.

Have great weekend!!!