Song Of The Day: “Looking Up” by Paramore

“Things are looking up, oh finally.”

I was walking home this afternoon and this song just randomly popped into my head. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling a whole lot better than I’ve been feeling. It just takes time to sort through all of the rough patches. I think LIGHTS summed it up perfectly in this tweet:

^ Ditto.

“Could’ve given up so easily. I was a few cheap shots away from the end of me.”

When faced with tough situations, sometimes that little voice inside our head tells us to give up while your gut is telling you “don’t you even dare! You’ll regret it.” Why give up on something you’ve been working so hard for? Look at what you have been given, how far you’ve come and what you think you’ll be faced with in the future. If you’ve come this far, why stop? You’ve passed every test. You can handle what’s coming. Keep going. “I’d never trade it in ‘cuz I’ve always wanted this.”I can’t believe I almost hung it up. I’m just getting started.

“It’s not a dream anymore. It’s worth fighting for.”