Skate And Surf Day 2: ‘Through Being Cool’

After two days that seemed to fly by like summer vacation, Skate And Surf 2013 has come to an end. The past two days may have been very damp and dark, but all of the live music the festival had to offer made up for any discomfort I may have felt from the weather. With tons of bands, a great attitude and a love of singing along with artists I adore, this weekend was another experience I will never forget.

Today I got to sing along with Anthony Raneri of Bayside, Chris Conley of Save The Day, Will Pugh of Cartel and countless others.

Some standouts of the day were Bayside and Reneri’s amazingly raspy and soulful voice. Bayside is truly one of my favorite bands to see live and the crowed was a continuous stream of crowd surfers. Saves The Day (a band I have been a fan of since I was teen, but only saw live one other time) played a set the fans voted for – and we did a good job. STD played a few of my favorite songs including “Firefly”, “This Is Not An Exit” and “Throught Being Cool.” They even played a new song “Ring Pop” that will be on their upcoming 8th LP. It was fantastic to say the least.

On a whim I caught Breathe Carolina and it was VERY impressive. They were assigned one of the smaller stages and proved they had earned the right to play the main stage. I am not a huge Breathe Carolina fan but live they are kind of killer. They had one of the most rowdy and engaged crowds I saw all weekend, and those boys love to interact with their fans.

I ended the day watching Cartel playing some tunes that were old and new. Cartel just but out a new record, Collider a few months back and it was great to hear two of those new songs live. The band looked like they were having a blast and Pugh’s voice was very strong live.

All-in-all I had a lovely time in the rain going from stage to stage with Sam as she took some incredible photos. So until the next music festival, #musicrules.

Who would you want to see at Skate And Surf?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photos by Sam DeSantis.