Show Us Your Tatts: Feat. Bill Kaulitz

When I saw this gallery dedicated to Adam Levine created by Brittany Lee in the Buzznet home page, I immediately thought about Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel.

He’s a tattoos lover since he was 15 and since that moment he inked his skin with amazing tattoos, all created by him and in his last one (the mermaid’s kiss) he modified a bit the original project.

Bill’s first tattoo is Tokio Hotel logo on the back of the neck, he was 15 when he got it and at that time, the manager of the band asked him: “Why do you want to do this? I mean, if the band should breakup?” and Bill answered him that it wasn’t his problem and the band would have worked!

The second one is a triple star on the groin’s right side. Bill told once that his mother got angry when she knew he got this new tattoo, it was 2006.

Bill decided to ink his skin a third time in occasion of his 18th birthday, on his left arm with the written: “Freiheit 89”, “Freiheit” means “freedom” in German and ’89 is his birth year. He said he always waited to turn on 18 and finally feel free.

Between 2008/2009 Bill impressed the fans and the media with a new tattoo along the left side of the bust, it’s a deep phrase “Wir hören nie auf zu schreien. Wir kehren zum Ursprung zurück…” that means “We don’t stop to scream. We come back to the origin”. In an interview Bill revealed this is the tattoo with which he feels more connected, it has such a deep meaning and it’s linked to his family even though he didn’t find the real meaning yet because it’s too much great and he hopes to find it soon. The tattooist spent over three hours and half to do it!

In December 2011 Bill finally convinces his brother Tom to get a twin tattoo and they picked their birth hour: Bill signs 0630 on his left knuckles and Tom signs 0620 on his right ones.

Just few months later and Bill decides to increase his tattoo collection with a new one, totally covering his left hand with a skeleton tattoo plus a nightingale and a hibiscus flower, he said it was really painful and the meaning is about the life, the death, the freedom, his origin ect…

Don’t tired, in July 2012 he inkes his skin again, with another twin tattoo, this time he chooses the chest while Tom got it on the back of his right arm. It’s a particular and futurist drawing linked probably to aliens and to the fans of the band called Aliens.

Last but definitely not least and I’m sure it will not be the last one, in January 2013 Bill got a particular drawing with a siren kissing a human, I think it’s such romantic.


In November 2013, Bill posted on BTK App his new tattoo, a human heart inked on the left side of his chest, under the shoulder. He posted the photo with the “Attention” song verses: “Give back my heart that … your body rejected.

Check out this gallery and tell me what you think about Bill Kaulitz tattoos and what is your favorite! 😉