Reasons Why Tap Dancing Is The Key To Happiness

IF for SOME reason you didn’t know, today is National Tap Dance Day. The holiday honors Bill “Bojangles” Robinson who famously taught America’s curly-haired sweetheart Shirley Temple how to tap in 1935. Tap, also known as the dance of the gods (it’s not) is the foremost way to take your day from drab to fab. First of all, it TOTALLY beats walking:

Mickey agrees:

Tapping was big back when men were MEN:

Alright, just watch the entire performance cause it’s the best thing ever:

Tap Dancing can help you brainstorm in the office:

Take word from The Golden Girls:

The costumes are glorious:

Like actually, just throw away your zoloft or whatever it may be and watch this CrAzY performance by the cast of Anything Goes at the 2011 Tony’s:

Watch in full…no really like definitely watch it. Your heart will swell with a joy you haven’t experienced since Jim and Pam kissed the first time. I WOULD NOT lie to you, just watch it:

How are you feeling? Is your happiness meter off the charts?? Are your feet starting to tappa-tap-tap?

Tap dancing is literally the human personification of a piter-pattering heart! It’s the most joyous expression one could ever accomplish!

Is there REALLY a better way to react to a glorious first date than this?


Oh also this:

So strap on your tap shoes, and enjoy the day! I certainly am! (Those are really my feet FYI.)

Do you have a favorite tap moment in history? SHARE, I must see!