Question Of The Day: You Will Not Be Taken Seriously If….

Today in nothing’s happening, there’s this fun hash tag happening over yonder on the Twitter:


Mostly it’s a lot of tweets with people saying things like – “If your eyebrows look like this” or “If you don’t think Zac Efron is hawt.” I don’t know how I feel about either of those things so here are some gifs of puppies:

JSYK, #YouWillNotBeTakenSrslyIf U dnt like puppies

On a for reals note, I can’t take you srsly if you can’t write out the entire word “seriously.” I know we are all pressed for time but I mean come on now, it’s not that srs. I guess today there are a few things I am just done with and it’s like, only 9 in the morning. Whatever. I’m just going to listen to PATD.

Now iz ur turn. Finish the sentence/hash tag thing: