Question Of The Day: Things You Realize As You Get Older

~ Today’s Q is brought to you by grumpiness ~

Well, not really. I don’t feel grumpy at all, which is kind of cool. It’s kind of rare when I show up to work and I am not all HATE EVERYTHING, especially on a Monday. I think it’s probably because I got a lot of rest this weekend and had absolutely nothing to do. Ever since I stopped working at the #2 job, I have been getting a lot of rest and cuddles from Moo (the dog roommate). I might be extra broke but whatever, feeling awesome is kind of priceless.


Anyway, let’s talk about this:


I know that Buzzland is a mixed bag of people. The thing is, we are all getting older. It happens. It’s kind of strange because I know this is like, a youth-y kind of place and I feel very against the grain, so to speak, because I’m an older bloke and well, yeah. In my heart, I am still very much:

Teen Girl (Squad)

The thing about getting older is that once you get older, you go HOLY CRAP I AM GLAD THAT I AM NOT YOUNG. At least for me, anyway. I did a lot of “not so brilliant” things as the younger version of me and it took me many mistakes to learn certain things. I don’t like to listen. I like doing things on my own. I suppose that makes for more fun stories to tell when you’ve had one too many beers and you are surrounded by your one best friend.

In closing, my contribution to the #TheOlderIGet tag is that I realize the less weird I feel about everything. The older I get, the more I just sit back and watch things go by and laugh to myself. The older I get, the more I find out about myself and others and refine my tastes. The older I get, the more fun I have because well, what else is there to do?

What about you?

What do you realize as you get older?