Question Of The Day: Spring Love

Is it spring where you all are? I know some of you live in places where the seasons aren’t the same as my seasons, so I’m sorry. You can put me in here now:

Since I am kind of not young or anything, here is an old song from when I was tiny about what we are going to talk about today:

LoL this song

Also, here in Los Angeles, the seasons basically go:

Oh hey it’s cold for a little bit

And then OMG it’s a furnace everywhere

I mean, we live in a desert so it makes sense but still

While we are “technically” still in spring times, let’s talk about spring stuff. Mostly spring is like, when the animal kingdom is giving birth to new puppies and mews and everything is awesome. For this Q, I need you to tell me what you love about this time of year. Is it a person? Did you discover a new band? New food? Tell me stuff!

What’s your spring love right now?