Question Of The Day: Something You’re Tired Of Doing

Happy Friday, internet! Happy Friday indeed. This week has been really weird in that I have not had to work my other job and so I have been riding my bike a bunch and sleeping. I’m catching up on RuPaul’s Drag Race and having max walk/cuddle shesh Moo times.


I guess this week has made me realize that I just need to stop doing certain things because those things aren’t really the best things for me to be doing. I’m being cryptic! But really, when you are tired of doing things, you really should just stop. I was tired of working two jobs. I hated being tired all the time and it was just, I couldn’t do it anymore.

Also, my being cryptic isn’t referring to this, either ^

I’ve never been the biggest fan of drugs. When you grow up around them, they just seem kind of “whatever.” I’m not going to lie because there have been nights when things happened but that was like, a long time ago and never really turned into a problem. IDK. I was an adult and I said NO THANKS, Mr. The Dealer.

~ Nope ~

Anyway, let’s talk about things we are fed up with. Is it a people? Are you tired of a class? Tired of taking notes? Is there something in your life that is stealing your soul that you want to talk about? Feel free to tell us and then I will give you hugs if you need them. Go!

What are you tired of doing?