Question Of The Day: I’m Nice Until….

Today, let’s talk about what it takes to make you not nice.


Let’s say that you are just trying to eat some food and someone comes along and takes some of it. That would make you upset, right? I know that it would not please me in the slightest. I would probably do this to them:

But I don’t think that I would ever do this:

well, maybe. who knows.

I don’t think that there really is a point where I will be mean to people. I just ignore people that I don’t like. There was that time when someone tried to steal my phone and then I “maybe” beat them up but still, that was out of control. It takes a lot to make me super mad to where I will want to fight.

What about you? What does it take to get under your skin? If you need examples, check out the #ImNiceUntil trending topic on the Twitters.