Put Your Records On: Stand Still, Look Pretty

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I’ve been a Michelle Branch fan ever since she hit the music scene back in 2001. When she announced she would be in a country band with friend and singer/songwriter Jessica Harp, I was ecstatic but confused. She usually went the pop/rock route and I wasn’t sure how she would cross over from pop/rock to country. Turns out, it worked out very well.

It was seven years ago today, May 23, 2006, that The Wreckers‘ debut album, Stand Still, Look Pretty, was released.

That album was my summer soundtrack that year. It was such a pivotal time in my life. I had just left high school and was trying to get over someone. I was also starting a relationship with someone, and it was all a bit overwhelming. Stand Still, Look Pretty expressed all of my anger, happiness and sadness all rolled into one perfect album. I remember quoting every lyric at one time or another on Myspace like a total noob. I believe that every album that gets us through those pivotal moments are the ones that wind up changing us. It’s so crazy how listening to these records years later can bring on that wave of nostalgia like a ton of bricks.

The Wreckers disbanded about a year after Stand Still, Look Pretty was released but this album will live forever in my record collection. It turned me on to country music and the storytelling within a song. It also taught me how to open my mouth when I felt like I was being stepped on.

Happy Birthday, Stand Still, Look Pretty! You’ve gotten me through a rough one! ♥

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