Put Your Records On: Not Your Kind Of People

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I know I talk about Garbage a lot, but really, I just can’t help it! They’re such a big part of my life and music collection so I’m pretty sure I’ll be discussing every album of theirs at one point or another.

Today, Garbage’s fifth studio release, Not Your Kind Of People, celebrates it’s one year anniversary! I remember a year ago today I was beyond excited to finally have a brand new Garbage album after their seven year hiatus. The physical copies didn’t come out until a week later but that didn’t stop me from raiding iTunes and lying on my bedroom floor all night, just devouring each song; letting them all seep in while finding the ones I could relate to. Of course I shed a few tears – anything that has to do with this band makes me sob like a baby. It’s pathetic.

With songs like “Beloved Freak” and the title track, “Not Your Kind Of People,” these four wonderful human beings proved to me once again that they are indeed my ‘kind of people’ and I don’t have to spend this period of my life alone in my thoughts.

“Running around trying to fit in, wanting to be loved. It doesn’t take much for someone to drag you down. When you build a shell, build an army in your mind, you can’t sit still and you don’t like hanging round the crowd. They don’t understand.”

When you spend most of your life as an outsider, trying to find your place in life, it’s nice to finally see the positive aspects. Sure we might feel overlooked but it’s nice to know that you’re not alone, and we just aren’t some people’s kind of people – which is fine because they’re not ours either…if that makes sense.

“Not Your Kind Of People” portrays an image of the real world I never could quite figure out. It always felt divided to me: the haves and the have nots. Some people are just given everything without having to work at it while others are slaving away for something they feel like they are never going to reach because “the haves” are given it all so easily. With “Not Your Kind Of People,” I learned that “we are extraordinary people” and we don’t need the acceptance of anyone but ourselves. The world is not divided. We may do things differently than the norm, but we do them our way. Some will get along and some won’t. Thinking that the world was somehow divided seemed really ignorant of me and I won’t allow anyone who thinks they are “higher” than me to discourage me from pursuing anything.

“I never saw you coming from inside my little prison. Your autograph would really buy me time.”

One of my absolute favorites from this album is “Control.” I remember hearing it for the first time and just getting legit chills from start to finish. I’m not exactly sure what their viewpoint was when writing the song but to me, it’s how I feel about my last relationship and how one life changing moment made me lose all control over what I wasn’t allowing myself to admit.

“I confess I’ve lost control. I let my guard down. I let the truth out. I was suffocating.”

“Big Bright World” is one of those songs you want to let the person you love listen to. One day, I know I will.

“We are difficult to understand. It was hard to make this simple plan work. Difficult – and that’s what made it burn. You’re a satellite around my heart. One million miles before the start. Indescribable – but that’s what makes it you.”

Happy Birthday, Not Your Kind Of People! It’s been a splendid year! ♥

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