My Prom Was A Disaster: Expectation Versus Reality

YOU GUISE: Is it even prom anymore? Is that still happening? I can’t even really remember my prom because it was dumb and I didn’t want to go but my dad made me. It’s kind of weird because I like, paid money to go stand somewhere and feel awkward. That theme continues to this day.

Anyway, the fine folks over at the Buzznet Storytellers Group are throwing a Buzz Prom:

Here is Goose Girl and her friends lookin all snazzy ^ Yay! If you haven’t contributed to this week’s story, get on it! We want your prom stories!

My prom was weird. I’m pretty sure that I’ve talked about it before but this is pretty much how it happened:

I was the first one to have my license in high school. My dad let me borrow the car. That meant that I had to pick up all my franz and take their asses to prom. We thought we looked like this when we were driving around in our tuxes:

But really we were more like:

But whatever, it’s all about the adventure, right? Not really.

Me getting out of the car:

So whatever, we get to the place where the prom was. And let me tell you, it was far.

We thought it was going to look like this:

because our school was all “O u guise are going to be partying in OPULENCE for the evening” but then really it was more like:

I mean, don’t tell us that we will be living it up at the Ritz and then come at us with some Brokedown Palace. Just. No.

So we go inside. Mind you, none of us knew how to dance and no one liked us so we were in a dark corner trying to be silly. I totally thought I was breaking it the F down:

But really I was just:

And my friends were just pretty much doing this:

Because we only let loose in back yard parties where bands were playing

Pretty much everyone just looked at like this:

and I guess we were just being wild and out of control, because that’s what we did.

Anyway, all that dancing makes you thirsty and you’re all “Well let’s all go get some bebidas because we paid for this party amirite?”

And you think you’re going to get some fancy ass punch from a crystal bowl and stuff:

And pretty much you get to the refreshments table and it’s all:

And they’re all YOU CAN GET ONE SO DON’t GET GREEDY and you’re all

Oh and they tell you to have some food. THE FOOD. I mean you really want

But you get this:

By this point, we are all dehydrated, hungry, and listening to music that we can’t really stand so we decide to go. I think we went to have In N Out and we played a bunch of NOFX on the way home and went to an arcade. Which was way more fun than the entire prom. Oh and that was after I dropped my date off at her boyfriends house.

Girl out my daddy’s car! Bye!

Hope your prom was better than mine! TTFN! Happy Prom or whatever. <3, r

How was your prom?